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Two Elephants™ Cold & Flu Season Pillowcase - $11.99 with FREE Shipping!

  • $11.99
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Two Elephants™ Cold & Flu Season Pillowcase - $11.99 with FREE Shipping!


Keep the cold & flu season at bay with the addition of this Cold & Flu Season Pillowcase. Infused with essential oils, this pillowcase ensures you are breathing in the essence of health. If you happen to catch yourself a dreaded cold this pillowcase will help you breathe better and aid in your recovery. A natural alternative to medication and a way to keep you healthy--here's a healthy reason for getting yourself a little extra shut-eye. 

  • Natural menthol and eucalyptus oils
  • Superior warmth and comfort 
  • Soft and relaxing 
  • Relief of cold and flu symptoms

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