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Two Elephants™ LED Writing Board - $19.99 with FREE shipping!

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Two Elephants™ LED Writing Board - $19.99 with FREE shipping!


Make someone's day with a handwritten message for all to see. Write, erase, and start again on this LED Speech Balloon. Perfect for home or the office and guaranteed to make everyone smile. PERFECT GIFT FOR MANY OCCASIONS: Perfect for your parties, birthday, anniversary, wedding, special events or inspirational mottoes etc. Even special gifts for Christmas, New Year, Valentines, and for child literacy education!

  • Contains 30 LED lights
  • Material - ABS+Acrylic environmental material
  • Includes marker and eraser sponge 
  • Measures 12.40 x 2.17 x 9.06 " 
  • Perfect for home or office
  • 1 x Handwriting Light Box(Battery is not included), 3 x Pen.

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